Artist Statement

The contemporary body is a liminal entity whose boundaries are difficult to locate. It is a site of anxiety, marvel and contestation, blurring the categories of human/non-human, inside/outside, organic/synthetic, singular/multiple, and sensing/non-sensing. I create sculptures that evokes the hybridity of bodies and the systems they inhabit. I use materials such as plaster, carpet padding, plastic, resin, silicone, fabric and LCD screens to create abstract forms that bulge beyond borders, slide over edges, and seep through cracks. The resulting work holds tension between the bounded form of a body’s perceived exterior and an unknowable interior world; between control and unruliness.

Through additive and subtractive processes, the body forms itself in response to physical forces such as gravity, energy and entropy as well as societal forces such as social media, the wellness industry, and urban development. My work responds to the distinctly posthuman experience of trying to comprehend the multiplicity of ways in which one’s body is being shaped by the world. I use sculpture to push against the categories of “human” and “body” and create an expanded view of corporeal experience in a posthuman world.